Jabaliya Refugee Camp, Elementary Girls School

1,800 youth and families access clean water at this filtration system installed by Middle East Children’s Alliance. Funded by the Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Chicago, Il.

Jabaliya Refugee Camp

Jabaliya is the largest Palestinian refugee camp established after 1948 with more than 100,000 Palestinian refugees. The densely populated built-up camp is only 1.4 sq. km. It is characterized by narrow alleys and pathways, and concrete and cinderblock shelters.The camp is located beside the village of Jabaliya. The first Palestinian uprising (intifada) against Israel’s military occupation began in Jabaliya refugee camp in December 1987.

Info from http://www.badil.org/Photos from Badil, Al Jazeera and MAIA Mural Project