Bureij Camp

Bureij Refugee Camp

MAIA Mural is at UNRWA School where the Middle East Children’s Alliance has installed a water filtration system.


Source: UNRWA

al-Bureij camp is a Palestinian refugee camp in Deir al-Balah Governorate. It is a comparatively small refugee camp.

Where is al-Bureij Camp Located?

al-Bureij refugee camp located in the middle of the Gaza Strip. The camp is near al-Maghazi and al-Nuseirat refugee camps.

The camp was built in the 1950s to house approximately 13,000 refugees who until then had lived in British army barracks and tents. The refugees who settled in Bureij had mostly come from towns east of Gaza, such as Falouja. Today, the refugee population of Bureij is more than 31,000.

The camp’s housing shortage has been made worse by the blockade of Gaza, which prevents people from importing construction materials. Water and electricity supplies are also inadequate.

Unemployment is widespread and the camp suffers from a high poverty rate.

About al-Bureij Camp

  • Over 31,000 UNRWA registered refugees
  • 11 schools, four running on double shifts
  • One food distribution centre
  • One health centre