Children of Gaza Tell Their Stories Through Art

Joanne Osband, July 2011


I was privileged to visit and conduct an art therapy session with the Palestinian children at the Qattan Centre for the Child (QCC) in Gaza City. QCC is a non-profit cultural and educational institution which focuses on the basic needs of the Palestinian children.

With the aid of my Russian interpreter, Natach, the children told me about the water problems they contend with on a daily basis in Gaza.

Pollution, lack of water, misuse of water, and their difficulties were the themes in their art.

One of the children drew a picture of the Israeli bombs and the white phosphorous which was dropped on the citizens of Gaza.

The children made it very clear the problems they live with in Gaza.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Children Of Gaza and Art

Today I returned to the Afaq Jadeela Association in Mukhaim El Jadeed to create art with the children.

Water is a big issue here in Gaza. The children are asking for clean water to drink. As part of the Maia Mural Project we will paint murals around Gaza.

I asked the children to create pictures about water. Their pictures told the story of the water pollution and the need for fresh water and a cleaner environment.

The most interesting part of being “lost in translation” was that after I passed out the boxes of crayons and paper, the children just sat there. I did not know what was wrong. Majd came with pencils and the children began drawing.

Here are some photos of these sweet, beautiful children who graced my day.