Painting with Local Artists at the Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza City

To Gaza with Love

Gaza City, Palestine—-As the news of the Flotilla and “Flytilla” bring messages of solidarity to Gaza through the twittersphere I sit overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, almost lying in wait. I’m not the only one. I’m here as part of an artist collective called the “Maia Mural Brigade” in conjunction with the Estria Foundation’s #Water Writes […]

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A Tale of Two Cities ~ MAIA Mural Project, Palestine, Summer 2011

We have arrived!  More very soon!  

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Denying Flytilla Activists About Saving Face, Not Security

by: Andrew Meyer On July 26th I flew into Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport for the first time. Although I had never been to the region before, the buildings did not seem unfamiliar to me. I had painted a mental picture of the airport based on the accounts of dozens of my friends who […]

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Apartheid in Hebron

by: Andrew Meyer I have heard the comparison for years, that South Africans who lived under apartheid have traveled to Palestine and reported that what they have seen there is comparable — or possibly worse — than what they experienced in South Africa. It wasn’t until I traveled to Hebron (or Al-Khalil) that, for the […]

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Tour of Hebron with Hisham Sharabati

A video from our tour in Hebron with our guide Hisham Sharabati: Hebron from Arwen King on Vimeo.

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Check out photos ’8 Murals in 8 Days’ on FLICKR

Mural at Al-Shati Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip, MAIA Mural Brigade Al-Shati was established in 1948 for about 23,000 Palestinians fleeing the cities of Jaffa, Lod and Beersheba as well as surrounding villages.       CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FLICKR PHOTO STREAM or

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water writes logo

Water Writes Halftime BBQ & Report Back

Come out n Celebrate the Completion of 5 of the 10 Water Writes Murals hosted by the Estria Foundation! Muralists who traveled to Hawaii, Palestine, and the Philippines will share their videos, photos, and stories. The MAIA Mural Brigade brought several groups, institutions and projects together including: Break the Silence Mural And Arts Project; the […]

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MAIA Mural #2 Al-Shati Kindergarten, Beach Camp

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Another Mural in Gaza By Joanne Osband Our second mural in Gaza as part of the Maia Mural Project was painted at  Al-Shati Kindergarten, in Beach Camp, on the outside wall. The inspiration came from one day at the Summer Camps that take place in Gaza City. About 15,000 schoolchildren in […]

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Art Exhibit Cancelled- “A Child’s View From Gaza”, Oakland, CA

Media Advisory For immediate Release Berkeley, CA— The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland (MOCHA) has decided to cancel an exhibit of art by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), which was partnering with MOCHA to present the exhibit, was informed of the decision by the Museum’s board president […]

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Girl with Spray can

The MAIA Mural Brigade (Maia means Water in Arabic), organized by  Break the Silence Mural and Arts Project brings together a national team that includes: activists, trauma therapists, muralists, filmmakers, Estria Foundation Water Writes Project, Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project and Afaq Jadeeda (New Horizons) to create collaborative murals with Palestinian youth and artists including Mohammad […]

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Children of Gaza Tell Their Stories Through Art

Joanne Osband, July 2011   I was privileged to visit and conduct an art therapy session with the Palestinian children at the Qattan Centre for the Child (QCC) in Gaza City. QCC is a non-profit cultural and educational institution which focuses on the basic needs of the Palestinian children. With the aid of my Russian […]

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New Gaza Boy’s Prepatory School, Gaza City

Joanne Osband Today was the opening ceremony for the Maia Mural Project at the New Gaza Boys School. There were Palestinian dignitaries from several organizations as well as our Maia Mural Brigade. The children helped to put the finishing touches to the mural. I think it looks outstanding!

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Aamer in front of new wall

Aamer Family Paints Out Their Mural

Up  Against The Wall By Susan Greene “The globe shrinks for those who own it; for the displaced or the dispossessed, the migrant or the refugee, no distance is more awesome than the few feet across borders or frontiers.”     –Homi Bhabha The MAIA Mural Brigade had a 5 day orientation throughout the West Bank and […]

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Popular theater- paint jars

Popular Theater Society Mural, Ramallah

by Miranda Bergman Tuesday, July 5th We begin the mural process for the Popular Theater. “We are from Palestine and you are from the United States, but we both speak the same human language – creativity.” says Fathi Ali, the director of The Popular Theater, after a long day of meeting,designing, transferring, painting. He is […]

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